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Welcome! to our online poker room portal where we insure that you will get the best information possible on the best online poker rooms on the net. Navigating through the massive amounts of online poker rooms can be one daunting task, especially if you don’t know much about online poker. Once you go through our many pages of online gambling info you should be ready to make informative decisions how to play online poker with the pros.

The most popular online poker rooms to date are the Texas Holdem Poker tables. With Texas Hold’em poker. You can have the choice of playing limit or no limit poker. Most of the beginners opt to play in the Texas Hold’em limit rooms until they can get a better grip on the strategies of the game. Texas Hold’em poker is just as much a psychological game as it is a technical one. You must first master the odds game then you must watch your opponents playing strategy. Each pro has a different style. Joe Hachem for example likes to psyche his opponent out with kindness and never lets them see him sweat in a poker room, while Phil Ivey is the consummate technical odds player who rarely makes an error, while Phil “the brat” Hellmuth will aggrevate his opponent into submission. What ever your style, you will do well to learn the basics of online poker here at our poker room informational portal, and when you start to gain in confidence, you will start to truly enjoy the technical as well as emotional aspect of playing in these online poker rooms. Good luck and may it be the journey of your life.