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    Welcome to our online bingo room page. I think most of my experience in playing bingo online has been very positive, for many reasons. One of the main reasons, I like playing in the online bingo rooms as opposed to the real world bingo rooms is the health aspect. In real world bingo you have to deal with lot of smokers at the tables whether it is played at a church, social function or gambling casino. When you are playing bingo online there is no smoking allowed in your room lol.

    Bingo used to be a game where people over 70 just played but this is starting to change. As families grow together they can find time to play against each other at the popular online bingo rooms. Now with the advent of the chat feature in most bingo rooms, family members and friends can talk with each other while playing online bingo; this gives the online bingo rooms the added dimension of an online social network.

    The other feature that makes bingo even easier online is the Auto-daub feature. Auto-daub is a new feature that automatically checks off the numbers as they are being called in your bingo room so that you donít have to worry about keeping track of them or missing a number as you would do in real life bingo. It is things such as this that are making online bingo the newest and fastest growing fun game online for people of all ages.

    Collect Up To 500% Bingo Bonus from Bingo Knights Online Bingo Game. Bingo Knights is the only online bingo site that allows bingo players to call them, toll free, to negotiate an even BIGGER cash bonus! No need to go anywhere else Ė your online bingo money goes much further at Bingo Knights Online Bingo Game! Slots, Video Poker, and Pull Tabs. 10 cent, 25 cent and High Roller Progressive Bingo Jackpots. Nickel, Dime, Quarter and 50 cents Bingo Cards. At Bingo Knights they pay out more BB's on first deposit than any other bingo site. They pay out more BB's on all additional deposits than any other internet bingo site. and they give out many times more chat game BB's than any other online bingo site. First deposit bonus: 200% on all cash deposits. All additional deposits 100% (minimum $25).