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    Homepage 45x20 and 146x101 bannersAs with many other skill games in this world you must always be able to analyze your opponents and pick out the weaknesses of your competition. When you first step into a poker room you must be able to through experience be able to pick out the weakest players from the strongest players.

    This psychological skill takes a lot of time and focus to determine. If your poker room doesn't have a sucker than you are probably it because real poker professionals will eat you alive if take them on head on. In a poker room with a real bad player and real good player, the best strategy I have found at the beginning of the match is to wait for the poker professionals to quickly take out the amateurs which by default will put you automatically in the money. Watch the pros always bet into strength to scare away the amateur player and eventually bleed them dry of their money.

    You can then start to even pick up the habits of the pros and start to learn how to use their strengths against them. Jamie Gold was fearless when he took home last year's big poker title. He always came out in strength with his pre flop betting style and this set the stage for the whole tournament. Joseph Hashem also employed this strategy (along with a lot of luck on that last bet with Steve Danneman). Poker and stock day traders both have the same mentality: they both prey on the emotions of the herd or the masses and because they can keep their emotions in check can stay calm in the eye of the storm when mortal players are folding.

    In closing to find a good poker room you must see easy money there. Then you must stay calm enough not to let them know that they are easy money. In the ultimate mental game you must always hide your emotions and true intentions behind an impenetrable shield that can never be broken. Have fun and stay mentally strong.