Doug Polk Apologizes to Daniel Negreanu During the High Stakes Feud

Since early November, poker superstars and arch-rivals Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu have been engaged in a High Stakes Feud match. Of course, poker fans have eagerly watched the blow-by-blows, and by Day 21 of the High Stakes Feud, Negreanu had regained much of the $1 million lost earlier, but was still down by $696,327.

Sadly for Negreanu, he couldn’t keep up the momentum, and finished Day 21 down by $114,140.26. Many of Negreanu’s biggest hands were played during preflop all-ins. Going for five long and intense hours, Day 21 was one of the longest sessions so far during the epic High Stakes Feud.

For much of the latter half of the exceptional session, there was some earnest deep stack poker being played; both Polk and Negreanu had more than $100k stacks on the table. Negreanu managed to climb his way back up from a low before finishing down by $114,140.26. Unfortunately for Negreanu, he was down by $810,468.18 before the Christmas break.

During that 5-hour long session, Negreanu and Polk played an astounding 904 hands were 12,222 hands in, just 278 hands from the mid-way point of the epic poker battle.

Watch Day 21 of the High Stakes Feud

Watch for yourself how the epic Day 21 unfolded during Joey Ingram’s live-stream of the session. Joey breaks down all of the action and answers questions from poker fans.

Daniel Negreanu’s and Polk’s Reaction

As he usually does, Negreanu joined Brent Hanks and Jeff Platt for a post-game interview, sharing his evaluation of Day 21.

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Understandably, Negreanu was disappointed with the session, especially early into it. “Today was definitely a battle. Especially in the last two hours, we were playing deep. There was so much to think about from this one, it was the longest we have ever played that deep on both tables.”

Mid-way through the interview, Doug Polk surprisingly joined in, after technical problems disrupted his own post-game YouTube stream.

Both of the Las Vegas-based poker superstars discussed both the session and the history of their ongoing feud.

While Polk stood by his recent statements criticizing Negreanu, he did admit that, “I think there is kind of a line that is just unnecessary, attacking people on a personal level. I’m sorry that I went so far as that.”

Also, Polk admitted he didn’t think Negreanu would accept the challenge. “I issued the challenge because I thought there was no way Daniel would say yes. I was just bluffing. It was a bluff and then I got the call. I thought, oh my God, now I’m going to have to play poker for four months.”

Negreanu responded with, “I hope we don’t find out you were using those mother f**king preflop charts.”

What Came Next Between Polk and Negreanu

The Polk vs Negreanu grudge match took a break over Christmas before returning the next week. That session was played on December 28th.

On Day 22, following two straight victories by Polk, Daniel Negreanu caught some key bluffs, finishing the day with a $49,214 win. Day 22 finalized the first half of the 25,000 game match, clocking 12,500 hands. Now either player can gracefully bow out.

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In fact, both Polk and Negreanu discussed that after the session, but that doesn’t look likely. While both players are considering their options, Negreanu indicated that he plans on completing the challenge after a short break.

Negreanu is only down by 19 buy-ins, and after resuming the match, he hopes his luck will shift; while claiming an absolute victory will still be difficult, it remains his goal.

Daniel Polk has also signaled there would be more heads-up action between the two poker superstars going into 2021.

Watch Day 22 here: