GGCare For Poker Bad Beats is Now Live

GGPoker welcomed in the new year with GGCare, a new feature that will give something back to “unlucky” players.

Beginning on January 1, 2021, all-cash game GGPoker players who experience a cooler, bad beat, or a suckout will automatically be registered into a Flipout Freeroll tournament running the day after the bad luck, with $30,000 in prizes.

Players don’t even need to show up for the Flipout Freeroll, since registered players are all-in on every hand, creating a type of lottery for awarding the prizes. 

The size of the Flipout chip stack a player will receive is based on how much bad luck the player experienced, and that will be determined by an algorithm. The worse lucky a player has, the bigger the chip stack they’ll receive.

The criteria as to what type of data the algorithm will use to determine a bad beat are unclear. However, more details on the GGCare program are expected soon.


Almost $1 Million in GGCare

For GGCare’s first month, GGPoker has set aside $930,000 in total prize money for the program.

Rewarding unlucky or losing poker players is nothing new. Players can check their GGCare hands on their PokerCraft Timeline. Cash is paid out as soon as the GGCare Flipout tournament finishes.

Bad beats occur in poker when a player has a very good hand but winds up losing by the river. This can be a severe blow to a player’s ego, prompting even more poor decisions for the rest of the game. 

To help make everyone feel like a winner, many poker sites offer “Bad Beat Jackpots” to console players who lose. Poker sites like Unibet even offer a money-back to players who have had a losing week.

Individualized reward programs are one more way online poker sites can give unlucky players and losers monetary benefits at the tables.

With such a wide array of promotions and loyalty programs designed to reward unlucky players based on volume and deposits, GGCare is different. It’s a way that GGPoker can bestow rewards on players that have experienced a bad beat or a cooler.


Runner-Runner Bad Beat Tilts Negreanu; Poker Star Out of WSOP $250k

GGCare is Just One of GGPoker’s Unique Features

GGCare is just one of the features GGCare offers to protect its users. For example, in 2019, the site introduced Bubble Protection, which refunds a player’s buy-in from a tournament if they bust out right before the money.

GGPoker also has All-in Insuranceallowing players to insure their hands to protect them from bad beats.

As well as bad beat protection, GGPoker also features several unique innovations, such as a built-in tournament staking feature, an integrated heads-up display, Card Squeeze, SnapCam, smart betting for mobile players, the PokerCraft poker tracking tool, a Final Table Betting feature, and a whole lot more.

Also, GGPoker recently introduced an expected running time clock for tournaments; this gives players useful information such as estimates on how long the tournament will run, the time remaining until the money bubble, a countdown to the Final Table, and the average time duration for the Final Table.


What Makes GGPoker the Best 

GGPoker is the premier website of the “Good Game Network”; originally, this network launched in 2014 in Asia, focused on Southeast Asian and Chinese players. But over the years, more European jurisdictions joined the network. In fact, GGPoker is the European skin.

GGPoker has many unique features offered nowhere else. GGCare is a good example, as well as all-in insurance. Also, players can share their hands with their social networks with the “hand moments” feature. GGPoker also has an integrated game analysis tool, PokerCraft, which displays a player’s results and stats.

But perhaps best of all, GGPoker hosts some of the most highly regarded poker tournaments on the planet, such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments, and MILLION$, and the GGMasters.