iPoker Announces The Biggest Tournament Series In 4 years

From 26th February 2021 to 7th March 2021, The Bounty Hunter Series event will be taking place at iPoker. The last time this tournament was held was back in 2018. The greatest motivator to participate in this series is the guaranteed price money of €1 million.

In the last event, which could not be matched to the current in terms of the prize cap, winners bagged an accumulated €220,000. Just like in the previous bounty hunter events, participants can join in at any level by buy-ins.

The 2021 tournament which will be running for 8 days straight will be characterized by 83 events. This has been broken down to a minimum of 8 events daily. Players who wish to participate in this event can do so at any of iPoker’s skins online.

All but 2 of the 83 events of the Bounty Hunter Series are considered as mains. The 2 events known as stand-outs will feature at the tail end of the tournament. A buy-in for all other events will range between €10 and €1,000 while the last two will be €100 and €1000.

Ordinarily, the No Limit Hold’em dominates the tournament schedule. This time round, 2 PLOs, 1 PLO8 and more than 6 events scheduled in doubles will feature. Every participant of the tournament has an equal opportunity to bag the €10,000 as each event winners will take part in the final round of play.

In Bounty Hunter all players aim to achieve the first kill. The first one to score will be the target for the other players to kill. Points are awarded for taking a killer shot at a target. Some past players have advised against amassing points at the start in favor of staying “alive.”

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The player that accumulates the most points in an event wins the event. While the main events will conclude on 7th march, there will be a championship event the day after. The winner at this event will be crowned tournament champion.

The demand for MTT in poker has so far been insatiable. iPoker through the Bounty Hunter series hopes to draw in medium to high end buy-ins in poker games. Although the casinos under iPoker use the same developers, the individual games are totally unique and iconic.

The iPoker Network is looking to stir an interest in its offerings by hosting the Bounty Hunter Series. The team is responding to reports from industry players and licensing bodies that show an unmet demand for MTTs. The new wave of MTTs, just like the Bounty Hunter Series, will feature medium to high stake buy-ins.

The structure of the 2021 iPoker tournament is a strategic move to captivate MTT players to the network platform. Having punters glued to a series of events that run for a little over a week will definitely help to fan the momentum. The engagement will also unlock avenues on which iPoker can improve its ongoing MTT offering.

Starting on 22nd February 2021, there will be satellite runs of the tournament events from 12:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT every day. These runs will however be available at select iPoker rooms. Players only need a minimum of €1 to take part.

Aside from the regular schedule created for the main events, players who wish to participate in the larger Bounty Hunter tournament can qualify through satellite qualification. A special SNG twister with its buy-in at €10 is every ambitious satellite player ticket to Bounty Hunter.

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Running alongside the satellites will be promotions in which players can participate to win.

The Bounty Hunter tournament series is not only going to spice up the punters’ life but that of the organizers as well. By bringing together players in an event where each is a target for the rest, iPoker is creating a heightened level of excitement in the industry.

This is a great opportunity to pull in new players and retain the old. Any experienced player and who is outside of the United States is welcome to compete.

The last iPoker Bounty Hunter tournament was held between 22nd October and 11th November 2018. This 2021 event is the largest to take place in the last five years. Just like in the past tournament, players must sign up for every event separately.

In a Bounty Hunter series event, the value of the buy-in is split in half. One half goes to the main pool of prizes while the other half minus $1 is won as bounty in the individual events knockouts. The reserved amount of $1 is what the organizers keep as facilitation fees.

A player that manages to survive through all the bounty hunting events literary knocks out the tournament. They not only get to pocket every penny that had been placed on their head as bounty but they also walk away with the prize money. For players who are eager to spend quality time in season-themed events, the iPoker Bounty Hunter tournament offers an unparalleled experience.

iPoker is well known as a leading online poker network. The network has been known to host some of the most popular poker tournaments on the internet. With more than 30 online casinos operating under its influence, iPoker expects to round up a mammoth crowd for the 2021 Bounty Hunter comeback.

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Being a PTD company under UIGEA, the network is unavailable to United States players. This could appear like a downside but it does little to affect its worldwide ranking at #1 for highest traffic. Most of the network traffic happens around Texas Hold’em tables.

The best way to increase winning chances in any online tournament is to research extensively on what has happened in past similar events. A good place to look would be with support staff – they have access to win amounts and buy-ins that could provide lead material for an optimistic player.