Joaquin Melogno Wins WSOPC Super MILLION$ Event

The recent GGPoker Super MILLION$ WSOPC Series attracted 511 players with a big buy-in of $10,000, creating a huge $5,110,000 prize pool. Dividing up this massive sum gave everyone at the final table at least $140,908 and the winner walked away with $636,072.

Joaquin Melogno of Uruguay was ultimately crowned champion, going home with that humongous top prize. Melogno demolished his opponents, defeating five out of eight at the final table.

How the WSOPC Super MILLION$ Final Table Played Out

Once play began at the final table, short-stacked Jorma Nuutinen went all-in for just shy of 8.5 big blinds from the small blind with ace-four. At that point, “veca” looked Nuutinen up with a pair of red eights. Nuutinen responded by flopping a four. It was then that veca turned a set.

The first to fall at Melogno’s hand was “RogerScruton”, when the poker master from Uruguay opened 575,000 from under the gun, turning up pocket queens. In turn, RogerScruton responded three-bet all-in for five million in the big blind. Unfortunately, that was called, when his opponent’s queens were up against pocket tens.

Samuel Vousden of Finland made a mistake, pushing his 7.5 big blinds front and center with a queen-ten. Unfortunately, Joakim Andersson of Sweden was holding queens in the hole. Voudsen left in seventh place.

By this time, the blinds had reached 200,000/400,000/50,000. It was at this point that “MK-Ultra” min-raised to 800,000. Phillip Mighall (“tazmania888”) was instantly called upon a three-bet shoved for 7,595,700. Mighall then flipped over ace-jack of spades but needed help from the community cards, because MK-Ultra held pocket jacks. But the five community cards ran out king-high and thus, Mighall was gone.

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Turkish poker superstar veca was the next to bow out. Veca laid down six big blinds with ace-eight, but Melogno called it with ace-queen. While the eight on the flop briefly launched veca into the lead, however, the queen on spades landed on the turn. Completing the board was a jack on the river and veca was out.

Melogno Continues His Match with Destiny

Joakim Andersson was down to under 10 big blinds, committing those with king-six from the small blind. Melogno called him with a king-queen of spades, beating Andersson with a gratuitous queen on the river. That sent Andersson home in 4th place, with $361,514.

Melongo triumphed in a preflop raising war, ending it with a four-bet. That was enough for MK-Ultra to be all-in, but that bet was called. Ultimately, MK-Ultra turned up pocket kings and Melogno showed ace-jack. Melogno’s good luck continued with a flopped top two pair. It wasn’t either the river or the turn that helped MK-Ultra, who bowed out with $436,434.

Finally, Melogno went into heads-up with Andrey Kotelnikov with a 35,708,350 to 15,391,650 chip lead. While the lead went back and forth a few times, Melogno ultimately triumphed.

The heads-up entered a raising war that saw Kotelnikov five-bet shoved with pocket nines. Melogno quickly snapped him off with pockets. The queens remained true and the last of Kotelnikov’s chips went into the middle with ten-three losing to queen-deuce.

The $3,000 Deepstack saw Christian Jeppsson Win His First WSOPC Ring

The $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack was the third event of the WSOPC Winter Series, drawing 504 players worldwide. But it was Christian Jeppsson who came out on top, banking $244,202 along with his first WSOPC ring.

GGPoker to Host the WSOP Winter Online Circuit Series

Only 80 players out of 504 receive a prize, and Juha Helppi came it at number 81, losing a coinflip with ace-king to Niklas Astedt’s pocket jacks.

Once Helppi was gone, it locked in $5,356 for the remaining 80 players. Twenty-first place and up got at least $10,383.

When it came down to the final table, the nine finalists bankrolled at least $24,420. This is the sum awarded to Germany’s “Hessinator” who lost to Sosia “Aunty_Ninja” Jiang.

Anton Wigg finished in eighth-place before Jiang demolished Grant “yukeepplayi” Ellis, sending him home in seventh place.

David “BKBroker” Fernandez of Canada’s 10-big blind shove with queen-jack was defeated by Jeppsson’s superior ace-ten.

Losing a huge pot before committing the rest of her stack, fellow Canadian Kristen Bicknell’s queen-jack lost out to Laurynas Levinskas’ ace-four due to a four on the flop.

Leaving with the tournament’s first six-figure prize of $102,979, Jiang ultimately lost to Jeppsson, when he open-shoved for 17 big blinds from the button with ace-nine. At that point, with pocket tens, Jiang called off her stack.

Levinskas ended up in third place; defeating Levinskas left Jeppsson with a 13,238329 to 6,921,671 chip lead over Daan “DaanOss” Mulders of the Netherlands.

A deal was struck when Mulders drew level, leaving the championship to Jeppsson with a king-queen against the ace-seven of Mulders, thanks to a queen on the turn.

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