National League Of Poker (NLOP) Launches New $25,000 Tournament Series

The National League of Poker (NLOP) will be holding their 16 year anniversary this year. Known for its offerings of free-to-play online poker, NLOP will be commemorating this milestone with the $25,000 Summer Splash, a brand new series of poker. 

The series will be launched immediately and is expected to run through to the end of September. This means that prospective poker champions have an opportunity to explore the numerous chances available to clinch that top spot that will earn the top player a $10,000 payout

For poker players who are looking forward to participating in this new event, the wait will be over as soon as the $25,000 Winter Summit has been concluded. Congratulations are in order for NYTider, who walked away with the first place prize of the 2/20/2022 championship. If you are eager to make history this year by way of poker prowess, the $25,000 Summer Splash Championship is the perfect platform for all kinds of players. 

If you are feeling confident and ready for the championship, there is an option of using tokens to skip through various steps; otherwise players who are excited about making significant leaps in their game plan can play through to the end. Did you already make it to step 7? Getting ahead to step number 8 is done through a qualifier that is held on Wednesday and Saturday throughout the duration of the series. 

According to news reports, poker players will be excited to learn that the popular $5,000 High Roller will be played on the coming Sunday. One of the reasons that players love this game is its competitive and serious playing field featuring a larger-than-average payout. For participants that will be registered on the platform at least 24 hours before, their accounts will be credited with a 10% token cash-back right after the game. 

How to play NLOP

The series has an app which players are supposed to download before they can access the poker tournament. The app is available on Apple and Android stores for smart phone users. Even for those who are a little skeptical about making downloads on their devices, this is a small price to pay for the leisure of enjoying risk free online poker. 

New NLOP players need to first register on Before they can be allowed to log in and play. It is only after having activated the player profile that the app can be downloaded – thereafter, players get to choose how much to play and when. There are multiple poker games available to pick from and this can be done conveniently from the comfort of your own phone. 

The popularity of poker

The popularity of poker is undisputed and cuts across national as well as regional borders. No wonder the CEO of BetMGM is optimistic about the future of online poker in the US. The thrill of engaging in a poker game is a fulfillment that is widely shared as people play the game inside and outside of casino establishments. On sites that offer free-to-play poker, players choose between free and real money games. Did you know that there were benefits of playing free poker?

The poker game has various variations depending on location and individual preference. Playing free poker allows players who have little experience in poker to get familiar with various poker games variations. The more you explore possibilities within a game, the more your skill in the game is sharpened. Without the pressure to safeguard your money or grow your bet, many people are able to remove the elements of stress and despair is eliminated. 

If you remove the fear of losing money then poker is one of the most exciting games to engage in. A mind game of sorts, players let off involuntary indicators with their eye movement and general body language that their opponents can use to direct their next move. It takes an experienced poker player to maintain a clue-less face regardless of the nature of cards they hold in their hands. 

Every poker player has a personal reason for engaging in the game; some derive fun while others are in it for the bankroll. If you are out to have fun with poker, it does not hurt to set aside some money to fund this adventure. Real money empowers you to place microbets – positioning you for wins if they come. It also cultivates a competitive spirit that pushes you to improve the quality of your gaming on progression. 

Free poker play empowers players with a new perspective that allows them to employ different strategies to win a game. Poker players who have never played the game before should consider starting with freeplay before investing any real money. Even with exposure to the moves, strategies of different players and tricks to study your opponent, no player makes it very far without proper time investment and research. 

About NLOP

Having been set up in 2006, the NLOP has over time grown into a trusted poker organization that offers free-to-play as well as high-reward online poker. By participating in NLOP events, players stand a chance of winning real money and prizes on a daily basis. The best part of all this is that there is no financial obligation attached to these rewards so there are no instances of players regretting. 

All NLOP are inclined to enjoy a unique social gaming encounter that entices them to come back to the platform for a regular experience charge. With more than 1.3million users registered on the gaming platform, it is amazing to learn that the management has so far paid out prizes and cash amounting to $5.5 Million. 


Poker is a game of wits; you sit and watch as others play then set out on your own to try out those moves on your opponents. The new 25,000 tournament series is designed to create millionaires – poker players only need to show up for the action.

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