Play in Three Amazing Festival Online Events on Sunday

Are you fired up for a blast of smoking poker action this coming Sunday? Then you will be glad that you bumped into this article; The Festival Online is what you should be gearing up for. It will be featuring three events that will be fully packed with gameplay action hosted at 888poker. 

The Festival Online has set aside $750,000 as the guarantee prize pool which will be paid to winners across 20 events scheduled to run for a period of 26 days. The Main Event is quite inviting considering the affordable buy in. For $215, poker players will buy their spot on the table to contest for the guaranteed $150,000. This really is the highlight of the entire event and will be held on the last two days of the festival. 

Texas Progressive KO at the Festival Online

The value of Progressive Knockout (PKO) makes them one of the highly sort after tournament formats. The Festival Online considered this when they incorporated the Texas Progressive KO in the tournaments. This is designed for those who enjoy participating in such events, there is a chance for each player to win generous prizes and pocket big bounties in The Festival Online. One of the very enticing values that this event provides is the whopping prize guarantee of $100,000 for just a $109 buy-in. 

Suppose you enter the tournament but do not get lucky enough to get to the point where there is money to be made? There are still going to be some big wins in the horizon; every player will be awarded a bounty of $50 with which to kick off the event. For those who have no experience with playing PKOs but would like to give it a shot, just know that half of whatever wins you get go straight into your 888poker online account poker balance; the rest of the award is added onto the player’s bounty. This is how bounties often grow to huge sums of money especially towards the end of a tournament at which point the bounties are as mouth watering as the prize pool. 

The event has been structured in such a manner as it allows for intensive play for players and the starting point is 30,000 in chips, which is equivalent to 300 big blinds. The rate of increase for the blinds is rather slow but it takes place every 12 minutes. When things are not progressing as expected, the tournament will allow for up to five re-entries provided they take place during the four-hour late-registration window.

It is a good idea to keeping checking for satellite availability so as to reduce the costs involved in getting into this event. 888poker has a freerolls program that players can take advantage of to score large without having to use your own balance. 

Participating in The Festival Online

If you are excited about a $109 buy-in with a $100,000 guarantee, this weekend offers you even better prospects. The answer is in The Festival Series Online – Texas High Roller PKO boasting a $525 buy-in along with a $40,000 guarantee which has scheduled for the second Sunday of the tournament. This event will also offer high level action and players will start with a chip balance of 10,000 for 167 big blinds which increase every 12 minutes.

With $250 already placed on every player’s head, it is expected that the bounties will rapidly grow huge. There is a provision for players to register for up to 10 reentries over the course of the three hours late registration window. In addition to that, 888poker is running a trio of satellites in facilitation of this event from where players can secure their seat for a mere $22.

Feeding the Main Event of The Festival Online

Let us assume that you are not particularly interested in PKOs or perhaps you are interested in playing a few tournaments at the same time; it might be a good idea to put the Festival Online – Main Event Feeder of 30 Seats on your calendar. There will be a mega satellite which has a guaranteed 30 seats for those who would like to take a shot at the Main Event of The Festival Online that guarantees $150,000. This event is going to be a little faster than the rest which makes sense because it is a satellite. 

Nevertheless, there is still quite a large amount of play characterized by six-minute blind levels as well as players starting off with a huge stack of 167 big blinds and their 5,000 opening stack if they take it from the start. For players that are late for some reason, the one-hour of late registration is going to make up for lost time and players can sign up for re-enter for up to five times.

The Festival Online Highlights Powered by 888poker

The Festival Online comprises of a total of 26 tournaments hosted on 888poker and is scheduled to run for 3 weeks and 5 days. With buy-ins ranging from as low as $1 to as high as $525, players sign up to battle it out for a portion of the $750,000 guaranteed prize money. If you are interested in taking part in the Festival Online, the only requirement you need to be concerned with is a real money player profile on 888poker. Information and listing of the events to b expected are published under the tournaments tab. 

Final Thoughts

Online poker events are gaining such high publicity that everyone is talking about them; not just poker players. With various casinos sponsoring gameplay across the industry, there is always something for fans to look forward to. 888poker has taken the mantle this time and the respective event is expected to attract poker enthusiasts from far and wide. It will be a long winding road to the finals but it eventually comes to an end and the winning players adopt a new lifestyle.

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