PokerGO Tour Adds Five March High Rollers to Schedule During Wynn Millions

All sporting events that had been scheduled to take place in Russia were inevitably cancelled following the Ukrainian invasion. Among the affected events was the coveted Super High Roller Bowl that had caused quite the excitement among professional poker players in the country. 

Perhaps to make up for this loss especially to poker players that had planned to travel for the tournament, PokerGo Tours will be adding a never-seen-before forestall in Las Vegas that will take place at the Wynn Poker Room. If you would like to make time for this event on your calendar, the dates to set aside are March 1 to 8 which will coincide with the popular Wynn Millions. 

Within this mini collection will be an extra 5 high-stakes no-limit cling’em poker tournaments whose buy-ins range from $10,000 (plus $500 price) to $15,000 (plus $700 price). There will be a $300 cut price for the $10k’s and this will be awarded to gamers who will have signed in previous to the 2pm start time. A $400 cut price will apply to gamers of the $15k’s under the same conditions. 

High stakes are a turn-off for many players who would rather play cheap games for the low monetary risk. With GGCare for bad beats making its debut in other casinos, it is only a matter of time before other poker houses introduce it. The idea behind it is off course to cushion players against the loss of money when playing poker. Such reprieves will encourage players to bet even when they d not consider their bankroll to be high roller. 

Marching On with PokerGo Excursion

PokerGo has recently concluded its second annual PokerGO Cup collection with a few familiar faces at the top. The champion title was won by Jeremy Ausmus while Sean Perry was dominant in the tournament for gains made on several occasions. The excursion will continue to roll on in Las Vegas and the actions lingers on at Wynn. 

The primary closing year of the PokerGo Excursion was gained by Ali Imsirovic. It is now the second season of the 2022 tournament but it is still too early to make conclusions. Looking at the gameplay, it appears that Nick Petrangelo will go far into the tournament because he has the early leads. The odds are also looking promising for Perry because he currently holds second place in the lead. 

This time round, Perry hopes to do better than the second place position he managed in 2021. Regardless of how the odds look like right now, it is still too early in the year to start making predictions on the supposed ranking. As we approach December though, such predictions and estimations will make much more sense. 

Poker Collection at Wynn

The mini collection of the Wynn Casino has got poker written all over it. Even though this is the state of affairs now, there is no reason why this casino cannot host any other poker collection like the Wynn Millions. Media houses are on standby to cover the event as it unfolds and the broadcast is bound to attract masses owing to the fact that it is going to be live. Of particular interest will be the Thriller Bounty that will have a buy-in of $1,600 as well as the $10,000 buy-in Primary Tournament that holds $10 million prize guarantee for the winners. 

Every event that has been lined up for the Wynn Tens of millions collection will be taking place over a period of 30 days. There will be a total of 16 tournaments whose buy-ins will range between $400 and $10,000. With summer time being a convenient time for poker players to explore the outside world, Wynn chose this time to host the online gaming site’s debut $10 million guaranteed poker tournament. For San Diego based poker professional, Andrew Moreno who is brother to vlogger, Johnnie “Vibes” Moreno, the $1,460,106 payout was well worth it for the effort. 

The Intertops Poker community caters to a large number of aspiring online poker players in the United States. From 1996, the website has been helping players to advance their game strategy regardless of whatever stage of gaming they are in. Today, the site is host to hundreds of thousands of poker players and is a flagship of many a great poker talent. 

History of Wynn Poker Classic

One of the entities that can give an accurate report on the humble beginnings of Wynn Casino is The Hendon Mob. According to the four professional poker players from London, England, the first time that the Wynn Classic ever took place was in 2007. In the inaugural championship event, participants were required to buy-in for $10,000 to contest for a hefty prize. As fate would have it, Zachary Hyman walked away with $729,033 for his outstanding performance on the final event. 

Throughout the years till 2010, the organizers only made arrangements for a single event every year. Things however took a turn in 2011 when the Wynn Summer Classic was made part of the annual program. In the year that came after that, it was now part of the Wynn Casino culture to have an extra Wynn Fall Classic event. Between 2011 and 2019, the Wynn Calendar was comprised of 3 events before the Wynn Winter Classic was added to the schedule. 


Canceling one event and using the budget to fund new play opportunities for players is a noble decision by the PokerGo management. Since it is not possible fight Russia using grit, the only way for the poker community to express their solidarity with Ukrainians is to make it hard for Russians living in Russia to connect positively to the rest of the world. The Wynn Millions was already scheduled to take place so the organizers will not have much to do in the way of logistics. It is however the extra win avenues that makes the 5 extra high roller matches worth writing about.

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