PokerStars announces new $15 million event for its 15th anniversary

On every Sunday since March 2006, PokerStars has been serving its poker players with the opportunity to win $1 million. It is that time once again for the 15th year running and another season for honoring poker and those who love it.

The fine details for this year’s event are yet to be publicized but PokerStars have already launched the 15th anniversary tournament. For the past 15 years, this tournament has dished out prize money to the tune of millions. This year is spectacular with the monetary awards expected to add up to a whopping $15 million.

Although participants of this event have been expecting this online poker event by PokeStars to go bigger and better, the event organizers are keen on offering an epic experience. The budget is fixed lower that what was awarded last anniversary but the organizers are not shy on paying more if from deserved wins. Critics will notice that this 15th year anniversary of Sunday Million looks a lot like the 14th anniversary event.

The 14th anniversary event was the biggest ever for PokeStars and for the organizers; this will be their baseline for the current event. While many aspects might remain the same, the $500,000 set aside for giveaways is quite exciting. This giveaway pack will specifically go towards free entries to the event.

If all the entry prize money is awarded, the tournament will be graced by an estimated 2325 sponsored players. This is huge savings for expert players that estimate that their prowess will take them to the final round.

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As has been happening in previous tournaments, players must fulfill missions to move between levels. Giveaways in the form of spin & Go or freerolls are some of the expected freebies for event participants. Normally the $215 ticket to get into a PokeStars tournament is out of reach for the average punter but few can afford to turn down a free pass.

This is but what the outsiders are thinking because the general feeling about the current buy-in is approval for the buy-in ticket prize. Surprisingly, poker players consider this is a small price to pay compared to the expected final prize. For players who find themselves thrown out of the tournament at some point, they can re-join up to 5 times.

The 15th anniversary Sunday Million event kicks off on March 21st but the doors are open for later comers who sign up for the start of the second day. All participants will pay the $215 entry with an expectation to gain $12.5 million.

If the 14th year event is anything to go buy, the current year event is expected to pull in a much larger crowd. The PokeStars event for year 14 was spectacular especially in the number of new entries recorded. Out of the 93, 016 registered participants more than 65% had never taken part in previous PokeStars organized events.

The high number of new players in the 14th anniversary event compared to re-entries caused the guaranteed prize award to surpass its mark by 50%. So far, the $18, 602, 300 paid out was the largest prize pool ever at PokeStars. This past performance says something about the 15th anniversary tournament which is encouraging to both new and experienced poker players.

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AAAArthur, the champion of the 14th anniversary tournament walked away with a cool $1, 192, 802. Speculation of his win started early at the last table but his win would be confirmed much later when the game turned four-handed.

The amount of chips in AAAArthur’s hand was double what the closest opponent had he had his eye on the size of the pay and held on longer even at the risk of losing. This is not new as punters often do this to earn more. The first place prize for the 14th anniversary tournament winner had originally been set at $1.5 million.

The 1st runners up would supposedly win $1 million so it makes sense that AAAArthur wanted to raise the stakes. With no guaranteed winners in poker, this was a big risk. Worst case scenario would be to lose more than $500,000 but he settled on losing $300,000 of his prize.

The player that bagged second place win at the 14th Sunday Million anniversary event also settled for less. The risk was greater here as he was closer to 3rd and 4th than he was to the 1st. The next two players, number 3 and number 4 got more than had been planned for them.

The kickoff event of the 15th Sunday Million anniversary will begin at 5PM (UTC). The first day will be characterized by 18 levels each of which will be played for 20 minutes. Late entries are expected to catch up by the end of this first day – in 24 hours.

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The second day of this online event will comprise of 32 levels and a level will only be 15 minutes long. The third day events are scheduled to start at 5:05 PM (UTC). This is the crowning stage and all eyes will be on alert to see who and by how much they go home richer.

From 1st February, there have been satellite events for players to qualify for the main event. Players can take advantage of these satellites to gain entry to the tournament for a lower buy-in. One satellite features a prize pool of 2 tickets worth $22 for qualifying events and the other a prize of 5 tickets of $215 each for the main tournament.

In the last event, the 14th anniversary commemoration of Sunday Million, AAAArthur gained tournament entry from a $4 buy-in to a satellite event that he won.

Complete details of the 15th Sunday Million are expected to be released by 8th March 2021. A huge event to spice up life in the midst of a pandemic, MTT players outside the United States should surely not miss. The PokerStars Sunday Million anniversary event is among the most prestigious of its kind in the poker world.