Venetian Poker Room Las Vegas: A Quick Review

The Venetian Poker Room Las Vegas is one of the biggest on the entire strip and features more than thirty tables for poker enthusiasts to experience. It’s also situated inside the second largest resort on the planet and home to some of the most luxurious rooms and impressive casino that you will come across anywhere in Vegas.

But what makes it so popular and what should you really want to know about the Venetian Poker Room?

In this article, I would like to talk about what to expect at the Venetian Hotel and Casino and why the Venetian Poker Room is one of the best on the entire strip.

What to Expect at the Venetian Poker Room

The Venetian Poker Room has an eight-handed cash game and a room experience that never fails to impress poker guests. Just so you know, cash games all players to earn comp of $1 per hour in the system at the Venetian Poker Room and these comps can be exchanged for table-side food or entries for tournaments. This is live poker action at its’ best and a stunning room with dark mahogony, chandeliers and leather decorating the room. It really is overflowing with comfort, class and elegance and the room is open between 9am and 4am. There are sometimes tournaments such as the Deepstack Extravaganza which is not to be missed (more on that in a moment) and there’s so many reasons why this poker room is one of the best.

You see, the poker room experience is a top priority at the Venetian and they take great care when it comes to making sure everything runs the way it should and on time. There are many cash games and the staff are attentive to the point that they know players on a basis of first-name. Let’s take a look at some details:

– The Venetian Poker Room is a smoke-free environment.

– The is a luxurious waiting room at the casino.

– Each seat at the tables have a charging outlet for mobile phones or other electronic devices.

– Large screen television at every poker table in the room.

– There is table-service for food and this comes straight from the award-winning Grand Lux Cafe and you can even order from the world famous Cheesecake Factory!

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– Poker tables at the Venetian include many of the most popular games such as Omaha, No-Limit Hold’em and Limit Hold’em. Limits also start at $4 which is also great for poker players wanting a less risky or less expensive entry.

– The Venetian staff are always on the end of glowing reviews and praise due to their friendly and professional nature.

Daily Tournaments at the Venetian Poker Room

Two daily tournaments take place in the Venetian Casino every day with the exception of Friday. There is a cut-off time of 3-hours before the game for registration and buy-in is anywhere between $125 and $350. As for the prizes, you can expect up to $60k in the prize pool and a big crowd of eager poker players competing for the pot.

Online reviews of the Venetian Poker Room often describe these tournaments as being well-structured and good starting blinds and starks which means players can move around for a little while rather than feeling stuck in a particular game.

And then there’s the Venetian Deepstack Series…

Deepstack Poker is the series for which the Venetian is best known and this festival involves daily tournaments and events. January 1st and 2nd is when you can join the next big event for Deepstack Poker and this time of year is generally a busy and exciting time to visit Las Vegas – whether you play poker or not!

While the Poker room is certainly most important for many players, it should go without saying that the features and benefits of any such experience rely on much more than the poker room by itself. That is to say, the Venetian Hotel and Casino is a top quality resort in Las Vegas and another reason why this room is so popular…

About the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

The Venetian Hotel is arguably the most luxurious hotel in Las Vegas with Venice-themed architecture and opulence at every turn. This architecture includes replicas of famous landmarks like the Rialto Bridge and the Palazzo Ducale, while the halls are filled with high-end designer stores, fine art and fancy restaurants. There’s the popular TAO nightclub and four different theaters and then the actual casino which we will talk about in a moment. For visiting players, there is also free valet parking and you don’t need to qualify for this parking with any kind of status/pass.

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For many visitors, it’s the way the Venetian can make you feel that makes it so interesting and exciting. After all, where else in America can you take a gondola ride or pass opera singers on artificial lakes and canals. It’s not the real thing of course but it’s absolute novelty and fun and that’s often what poker is all about too, right?

As for the rooms, the Venetian has more than 4,000 rooms with marble floors, sunken living rooms, lavish bedrooms and stunning views. High rollers can avail of the ultimate luxuries but there’s an option for every price range and the end result is a top quality experience with comfort, class and convenience from start to finish.

You will also find plenty of things to do at the Venetian Resort such as Madam Tussauds which is a fun wax museum with celebrities, stars and heroes all around. There is also a long lineup of pools at the Venetian for both adults and kids alike,  while the extent of restaurants and food options is literally endless. Moral of the story? You might come for the poker room but the Venetian Hotel is an incredible experience and a resort that will not only keep you entertained but also keep you coming back!

Now, let’s get back to the Venetian Casino…

Quick Overview of the Venetian casino

The Venetian has two different casinos which offer a classy experience whether you come for blackjack or poker or even the penny slots. In fact, there are more than one thousand slots with different themes which include Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. For high-rollers that can afford wagers of $5,000 a spin, you can take to a private lounge called the High-Limit Salon and there’s really nothing that you might want in a casino that you will not find here at the Venetian Hotel Casino.

If we wanted to talk statistics, the casino covers more than 138,000 square feet and hosts over 200 table games. Meanwhile, the Palazzo next door offers another 128,000 square feet and more than 2,000 slot machines! It’s a behemoth as far as casinos go and you’ll also find people of all backgrounds at the tables. This is partly because the rooms are priced from high to low, while some casino games are made accessible with low entry points and others are there to attract high rollers who want to up the limits. I also mentioned the Mid States Poker Tour earlier and so let’s take a look at this world famous tour and some upcoming events at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

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About the Mid States Poker Tour inside the Venetian Hotel

Surely you know about the Mid-States Poker Tour? This takes place on an annual basis and poker players from all over the world arrive to take part. The most recent tour ended in November with Landon Tice taking home $200,000 and the next event takes place at the Venetian Resort on 4th to 6th February. However, the Mid States Poker Tour comes back again in June for one month of live poker and this is the most anticipated event that will take place in the Venetian Poker Room in the near future.

Interestingly, this is the first time the Venetian Las Vegas will have hosted a main event in the last couple of years. Either way, the Mid States Poker Tour is always a big deal and the Venetian venue will undoubtedly upgrade the overall experience.

Final Thoughts 

The Venetian Hotel and Casino is an immense resort with endless games for all types of players and interests. It’s the kind of resort where no luxury is spared and this extends to the Venetian poker room which is more than glamorous and comfortable to say the least. While you can feel entertained by the amenities, restaurants and bars at the Venetian, it’s this poker room that really stands out from the crowd. Also, if interested in live poker events, the Venetian is worth checking out whether that be for the Deepstack Series or Mid State Poker Tour!